A Course in Miracles breviary?

Meridian, Judy, and I met for our Thursday night discussion group last night at Appleby’s. We’ve been meeting almost every Thursday night this Fall for spiritual / philosophical discussions. I’m loving it, and am very thankful to them — for their friendship and for the ideas, tangents, and insights we generate together over oriental chicken salads or pizza or whatever.

Last night we got into a discussion of prayer and meditation. Long story short: when I mentioned my long-time idea to put A Course in Miracles (or, rather, portions thereof!) into a monastic fixed-hour prayer format (i.e., with lauds, midday, vespers, compline), they were both intent on me doing it. They even set me to a deadline of coming up with a simplified draft by next Wednesday (to be emailed to them, since we won’t be able to meet next Thursday). Even later, once we’d changed subjects, Judy brought it up again saying how excited she was about my project.

Wow, I have to admit what a wonderfully warm feeling it is when friends encourage me like this. Maybe, over the last five years, I hadn’t realized until lately how much I miss the company I enjoyed while Fuller Seminary (1993-1999) — warm-hearted and like-minded friends and discussion-partners.

Anyway… I’m excited about coming up with a week’s worth of morning and evening prayer based on ACIM. Just a little overwhelmed at the best way to organize the project, the best method to keep it all organized.

Update July 19, 2007: I never sat down and worked on this project, and probably won’t for a few years.  But I’d like to come back to it at some point.


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