love = real magic

I just watched The Polar Express (borrowed the DVD from Orion), and I was thinking how all this delight and magic and wonder can be seen as a direct expression, symptom, outgrowth, sign, if you will, of a divine Spirit — in ourselves and in our creativity (e.g., in movie-making).

And so I was thinking that all this magical stuff – about Christmas, elves, hot chocolate, Santa, about Harry Potter, a world of magic and delight – is real. It’s real because we experience it. No one can say love and delight and friendship and faith and hope do not exist. No one can say they don’t exist except by closing their eyes to them, by hardening the heart to them, by losing vision.

It all boils down to Love. And because Love exists, there’s no need for apologetics, for philosophy, for theism or atheism, for debate of any kind, for doubt of any kind. Love simply exists. Once you get that point, it’s just a matter of seeing what Love does, what Love is, what Love brings about – including everything you’ve only half-wished.

(Whew… That’s not the most logical exploration, is it. But I’m circum-describing SOMEthing — I just gotta keep getting closer to what the “something” is.)

Addendum July 18, 2007: Here’s a Pannenberg quote along similar lines.

“God is a field of force without limits of extension or power, pervading all reality, and giving rise again and again to new creatures. This the Bible calls Spirit and is identified by Jesus Christ as fatherly love.”

— Wolfhart Pannenberg when asked to “Describe God.” (p. 52 Roundtable Discussions)

And maybe God “gives rise again and again” also to new artistic creations as well as new physical creatures.


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