exquisite corpses, exquisite sentences

We’ve been playing “exquisite corpse” during our Writing Center staff meetings lately. After we come up with a sentence pattern (e.g., The [noun] [preposition] the [noun] [adverb] [transitive verb] [adjective] [noun]), we each write the first word (in this case, a noun), fold the paper over to conceal what we wrote, and hand it to the next person, after which we all write a preposition, and pass it on again, etc. We end up with as many strange sentences as there are contributors in the game. We’ve never laughed so hard or had so much fun in staff meetings before.

Here are some of our favorites:

The florist below the sink warmly weakened the ponderous diaper. [yuck!]
The protruding glacier flippantly hit an ominous website. [cool!]
My smelly incubator stumbled sweetly above the umbilical cord.
Atop the broken heathen, an insipid spittle wrote divinely.
The yellow Appalachian dulcimer strummed on the edge of the abyss sloppily.
Because of the blue elbow, an appetizing buzzard hung wetly.
The hobbit in the box passively mollified the shy writing center consultant.


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