“Ludicrous God Talk” (God = The Subject That Encompasses All Predicates)

I love this article by Sam Keen (requires registration) I found in the March/April 2006 issue of Spirituality and Health.  Keen suggests we’ll have more chance of touching the reality of God if we create a new religious language, but a new religious language that is “forthrightly comical” — “Christian, Jewish, and Muslim theologians could guard against becoming ideologists by becoming clowns, jesters, and tricksters” (p. 54).  And that’s Keen’s main point — that “silence and playful speech… are forms of iconoclasm that inoculate us against the idolatry of literalism and fundamentalism that reduce God to a knowable entity” (p. 76).

I really like that idea.  It supports the human need to keep describing the divine, but it also recognizes how easily our  naming God becomes controlling God (and thereby others).

Here’s his sample list to get the rest of us going with our own playful naming (I highlighted my favorites):

Stretch language to its breaking point.  Invent names.  Use once.  Discard.  Just for the fun of it, what if we name the Nameless One:

The Quantum Leaper
The Beyond Within
The Enigmatic Lover
The Whence and Whither
The Subject That Encompasses All Predicates
The Verb that Activates all Other Verbs
The All-Inclusive Noun
The Singular Plurality
The One for All, The All for One
The Encompassor of Good and Evil
The Web Master
The Great Holographer
The Cosmic DNA
The Erotic Whole
The Whom of Time and Space
The Source from Whom all Longing Flows
The Black Hole Where Love Embraces Death
The Creative Destroyer
The Alpha and Omega Helix
The Mad Experimenter
The Ground and Void of Being
The Eternal Not Yet
The Dissatisfied One
The Creating
The Sustaining
The Abiding
The Original One
The Double Helix: Cause and Consequence
The Source and Sorcerer
The Great Whomever or Whatever that is Within-Without-Besides-Before-After-and-During
Etc., etc., etc, without End


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