exquisite theses… with tension to boot!

After my explanation, at the Staff Meeting, of what adding “tension” to a thesis was, we played a round of exquisite corpse… or, in this case, exquisite thesis.  I think the first two are the best.

Although several pink pick-up trucks scream that bags are wooden, the frog people quickly drink smoldering manure. (!!!oooh!!!)

Although beautiful dry-erase boards say that vagina is secret, the orange juice pulp instantly pokes a crimson elf.  

Although new silver widows hold that the president is garden-variety, the small primate powerfully ran toward a good sound. 

Although pretty lawyers believe that the prickly pear is pointless, Ford loudly slaps a red boat.

Although biblical bubbles decided that jazz plays hot, the tree snootily huffed at the singing hero.

Although frumpy jacks held that the YVCC Writing Center is squeamish, the skylight softly glowed against the angry mob.

Although berating race cars show that Mars is surly, the pants joyfully write a broken arrow.


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