“Older students fill most of the seats in CTC pre-college courses”

Isn’t this the best way to gather data!  I was posting some V-Day signs on the doors of Anthon 102 for Dodie today and found a couple of hand-outs left behind in the room.

“More than 75 percent of the students taking pre-college courses have been out of high school for 4 or more years.”  Older students = 48,442.  Recent HS graduates (within 3 years) = 14,160.

Most high school graduates head to college: 70-75% (in 2005) enter a higher ed institution within 2 years of graduating.  Enroll into Community and Technical Colleges = 37%.  Enroll out of state = 8%.  Enroll in WA Baccalaureate institutions = 21%.

“But nearly half coming to the CTC system are not prepared in math.”  Students taking pre-college math = 47%.  Students taking pre-college writing = 19%.  Students taking pre-college reading = 10%.

Source: State Board for Community & Technical Colleges, Research Report 06-5, December 2006.


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