only in the Writing Center!

Busy day at the Writing Center. First day of the Spring quarter. Not busy with talking with writers, but busy with the peripheral stuff — helping students log-on (usually by having their passwords reset), handling tech problems (network gave us problems all day, printer setup problems, etc, etc), answering questions like, “Where’s C211?”, orientating English 085 students, and trying to finalize the consultant schedule.

Anyway, I have to pass on a funny moment from today. WebCT, not surprisingly, was down (seems it’s always down at the beginning of the quarter). So — also not surprisingly — I wrote on the board, “WebCT is down :-(“!

Josh came in and, while he was here, he added right below, “So curse the Heavens in futility.”

A little after that, Ron (one of the IT guys) walked by the whiteboard, read our little verse-announcement,
WebCT is down :-(,
So curse the Heavens in futility.

shook his head, and continued out the door.

Andrea and I just laughed. Ron was probably thinking, “Only in the Writing Center!”


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