reverse rhetoric (“The Writing Center’s Travelling Roadshow” skit)

Here’s the student paper that I referred to in my previous post (three examples of reverse rhetoric).  Back in ’02 or ’03, we reversed the genders in it (and made a few other minor changes, if I remember right) and used it in our “Writing Center Travelling Roadshow” skits.  We went into classrooms and did a little presentation about the Writing Center, including a mock consultation using this paper.  That it was such an extreme paper (in tone, bias, etc) helped us to illustrate what we do during a consultation (and how calm and objective we can be even when what’s being said is off-the-wall or offensive).

The battle has been going on for a long time now.  The men of our society claim that they don’t have the same rights that women do.  Pick up any magazine and I can guarantee that you’ll find an article with some man whining and moaning that he isn’t as equal as the woman living next to him.  What a joke!  As far as I’m concerned men shouldn’t be equal to women even though they can be in many, many areas.  I think it looks utterly ridiculous when a man is doing a job mainly directed at a woman.  That’s just my opinion.

            I know men don’t like to hear this, but from the beginning there were jobs meant for men and there were jobs meant for women to do.  When you take a male and put him in a female-directed job, you’re going to have problems!  For example, in my home town there is a hospital that hired a man as a nurse.  He could never make it as a nurse, so they gave him the job of making appointments for patients.  Believe it or not he cannot even handle doing this.  A female can’t take out the trash, change the oil, or clean out the gutters like a man.  I’m a female and I’m not afraid to admit that, but heaven forbid a male to ever admit that they’re not qualified as a female to do a female’s job.

            I think we should just keep things the way they have always been.  Again, I believe that there are jobs that God meant men to do and there are jobs She meant women to do.  Most of the time when a man tries to do a female’s job, things just don’t work out.  I wish the men would just bury the hatchet and let things be the way they were before. 


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