an unusual sensation (at least for me)

I just found and listened to the microcassette I had recorded on July 26, 2004 (when I had been having some trouble with tendinitis in my hand(s), and was using this to record thoughts). It’s about five minutes long, I’d guess. I don’t remember recording it. But, thing is, now I’m impressed with my speaking. And that’s one unusual sensation for me.

I kind of sound like Jane (our pastor), in the tone she uses during her sermons. I don’t say “ummm”. I have presence. It’s a mind working and speaking the thoughts well. It’s about sin, the fall, Augustine compared to Calvin… which scriptures they used… how the comparison was sparking my own new insights… I’m impressed with my thought! Makes me sit here and half-think, “Gees, I am a better explainer of theology than I’d ever thought.”

But maybe it also shows that I’m better when I can speak quietly, by myself, and into a cassette recorder… when someone or something is listening, really listening, quietly listening. And that I have more trouble simply when I have to keep the attention of people who might be uninterested.  Makes sense.

But wow, I like my voice and what I’m saying. I cannot remember ever listening to a recording and liking my voice.


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