Duke Divinity School’s “Center for Theological Writing”

Just wanted to make note of Duke Divinity School’s Center for Theological Writing at Duke Divinity School and this cool introduction:

Writing forms a constituent practice of the ministry, as integral as prayer and preaching, rather than a tool employed toward other ends. And like prayer and preaching, writing requires a lifetime’s commitment to growth and refinement. For the ministry, even more than other professions, words constitute the very terms of our existence; they are the medium in which we exercise both our beliefs and our fears, our power and our contrition. We sustain and transmit our Christian identity through the written word.

[…] Language should be considered the vibrant wellspring that lies at the heart of the Church, a source to which we must return for inspiration, renewal and transformation.

Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe writing is more important than preaching, in the sense that writing is much more versatile: it encompasses all kinds of “speaking” to an audience and all kinds of thinking/feeling to one’s self, while preaching is really uni-directional.

We don’t really “return for inspiration, renewal and transformation” to preaching — that is, until the preaching is written down. We don’t really “sustain” our “Christian identity” through preaching — again, that is, until the preaching is written down.

Anyway, I’m likin’ that writing is getting more of its due (re its importance to ministry).


2 thoughts on “Duke Divinity School’s “Center for Theological Writing”

  1. I like these posts on writing as ministry. I just came across your blog by doing a google search on writing ministry. its something thats really been heavy on my mind this year. I know I’m called to the ministry. Maybe its me, but I feel that pulpit preaching is NOT the most effective means of getting the gospel out. One book can go where one man never could. A well written Hollywood script that incorporated Christian principles can do alot more for evangelism than a tent revival ever could.

    I was sitting in a coffee shop today; basically just meditating on this thing we’ve termed “The Call” to ministry. And I’m asking God: ‘Lord, should I pursue the Bible school route, or should I seek out a good film school and learn how to write movie and tv scripts that clandestinely share the gospel message?'( After all: New Agers sneek their messages into movies all the time. So does the gay community. Why shouldn’t we???)

    As I’m sitting there, pondering these things, this guy comes over and sits at the table beside me. And he pulls out a movie script, and starts to read it! I lie to you not! Not believing my eyes, I ask him, ‘Excuse me; is that a screen play?’ Of course he answered yes, and proceeded to let me see it. There were plenty of available seats this guy coulda picked. Whats the odds of him picking that particular one?!

    A sign perhaps…?

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