some PNWCA conference photos


On the way there… Chanel, Josh, Jeremy, and Laura (Andrea driving, Dodie photographing).

Josh and Jeremy watching GalaxyQuest on Andrea’s portable DVD player.

Finally in Bellingham… Josh, Laura, and Andrea: tired but ready for the preconference session.

Dodie and Carolyn… also tired but ready.

The next day… a beautiful day for a conference.

Before the plenary session… Kim, Dodie, Jeremy, Chanel, Carolyn, and Josh. Jeremy’s analyzing his crayon color.

After lunch… Dodie checking the schedule of sessions: “Who’s our competition?! Who’s our competition?!”

Whatcom’s Writing Center… Lots of space taken up by computer stations, but otherwise I loved the feel of the place.

The reception desk in the Writing Center. There’s another staff desk over under the clock.

During our presentation… Andrea facilitating, Dodie taking notes. Muriel Harris in the foreground (yay, Muriel Harris chose to come to our session!).

Two participants from Tacoma Community College trying out our “Describe” handout. Yummmmm?

She must’ve gotten some of the “cream cheese” stuff!

Then we had them try making their own fresh ways to explain assignment terms. This pair came up with a magnifying glass to help convey “analyze.”

The three from Western Washington University come up with a comic strip as a way to convey “hypothesis.”

Muriel Harris, Carolyn, and group came up with a way to convey “critique”: thumbs up and thumbs down.

After our presentation… Andrea chatting with Muriel Harris. What? Do they know each other already??

On the way home… Dodie and Chanel. We were getting a bit giddy by then.

On the road again after dinner… Chanel incognito?

Back at YVCC after we’d dropped off Josh and Jeremy… Andrea the driver. (Thanks, Andrea!)


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