Hannah’s Writing Center Design

Hannah, one of our student consultants last Spring, came up with this playful writing center design for our new center, taking what the architect proposed one or two leaps forward. It includes writing faeries and an angel of focus, an angel of organization, and an angel of development (I love that: maybe the angels roam the room placing helpful hints about how to improve focus, organization, and development into students’ ears!).

Jeremy is The Defender of Development
I am The Grandmaster of Good Writing
Josh is The Ruiner of Run-ons
Dodie is The Writing Center Queen
Andrea is The Fairy Leader
Brad is The Boone of Bilingualism

We have a rotating disco ball in the conference room (see bottom left), and a Plagiarists’ Purgatory [ooh!]. Oh, and Hannah is asleep in the lounge area (see middle right), and Joycelyn (one of our writing center regulars) is working on a computer. Pretty funny, especially the disco ball in the conference room.

Hannah’s Writing Center (scanned)


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