I just read about TagCrowd on Michael Faris’ blog, and so I tried it on one of my posts (good grief? from last November). So easy. A snapshot of word emphasis.

around bad comes course cousin deal dealing deaths died either fascinating felt fortunately friend grief grieve heart honest horrible increased interrupted less ll losing lost maybe microscopic mine minutes myself mysterious naaahhhh news obituary opportunities patience permanent person photograph plainly ripping saying self-focused sentences shot stomach taken think though today tonight toward unfortunately unusual violently wait-a-minute warmth wasn woman written

created at TagCrowd.com

Update May 8th: Help! I can’t figure out why the html from TagCrowd is not working when I post to my blog.

Update May 10th: Well, according to Mark at wordpress, “The tag cloud uses html and urls which we do not permit and it is automatically removed. This is for security, sorry.”   That’s too frustrating.  Makes me want to go back to blogger (where TagCrowds definitely work) or typepad (where they probably work).  hmmmmm


5 thoughts on “TagCrowd

  1. No, there’s some kind of problem. I can’t figure out why the sizes aren’t showing up. I pasted the html into my post, just as TagCrowd supplied it. It shows up correct in the wordpress composer or editor (or whatever it is called :-)), but once it’s published, I lose the sizes. Hmmmmm….

  2. I’m not sure what the problem is. I use WordPress and it shows up just fine. My guess would be since the TagCrowd text is in css style, it has something to do with your css style page and the way it’s set up, but I don’t know for sure. Good Luck with it!

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