YVCC student stats

Got a copy of YVCC’s “Campus Update” magazine today, and I want to note its stats on YVCC students.

Division breakdown: The “Report to the Community” indicates that of the total headcount of 10,626 students, 34% are in transfer students, 44% are workforce education students, and 23% are ABE, ESL, or Continuing Education students.

I didn’t realize that worforce education students were in a majority (44%).  It’s hard to tell how many W.E.D. students we get here in the Writing Center.  If we look at our statistics, it looks like we don’t get very many (because not very many come in specifically for something they’re working on in a workforce education course).  But they may still be W.E.D. students, since many W.E.D. students have to take English.  Anyway, wow, I just didn’t realize that they were in a definite majority.  I wonder if that’s typical at community colleges.

YVCC’s ethnic breakdown is interesting, too (in that it reflects our community):  African-American 1%, Asian-American 2%, Caucasian 57%, Hispanic 37%, and Native American 3%.   [hmmm, Why couldn’t we keep it simple by saying “European-American” instead of Caucasian and “Latin-American” or “Central-and South-American” instead of Hispanic?]

Degrees/Certificates Awarded: AA Arts and Sciences 470, AA Applied Science 232, Vocational 101.  Does that mean that even though W.E.D. students are in the majority, they are dropping out at a higher rate than the Arts and Sciences students?

Ages: 18-29 69%, 30-39 16%, 40-49 10%, and 50+ 5%.

Source: Campus Update: 2006-2007 Issue II, Yakima Valley Community College, April 2007, p. 9.


3 thoughts on “YVCC student stats

  1. I don’t think the W.E.D majority here is very typical of community colleges. At least, other community colleges in Washington have a larger number of transfer students.

  2. I think both. The Associate’s in Applied Science includes things like dental hygiene, nursing, vet tech, criminal justice, automotive service tech, info tech, etc., so… The only certificates listed in the catalog are in Chicano Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Native American Studies.

    I’m still not sure, though, what degrees or certificates the “Campus Update” is referring to when it says “vocational.” Does that include all “applied science” associates? or ?

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