Congratulations to Chanel!

Congratulations to Chanel (a.k.a. twentysomethingbore and one of our YVCC Writing Consultants) for being accepted into the University of Washington! (Not that it’s surprising, mind you.) That’s so cool, though. Congratulations!

And it looks as if I’m headed off to OSU to start on an M.A. in Writing and Rhetoric (and working in the Center for Writing and Learning). I should know for sure soon.

So a new adventure awaits us both!

But, no fair — you get the better school colors. ;-)


3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Chanel!

  1. Thanks, Michael! I’m going to be down there for the IWCA Summer Institute, this August, too. Come by one of the sessions (in the MU), if you’re not too busy finishing your thesis.

    You’re very welcome, Chanel! Hmmm, halloween all the time… that could be good way to look at it (I like halloween). But I just never liked WEARING halloween colors.

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