full-time non-tenure-track Writing Consultant (aka a mini director?)

On the PNWCA listserv, I just came across Teresa Kramer’s announcement of a Writing Consultant position at CWU Des Moines (I didn’t even know there was a Des Moines in Washington state!).  It’s a full-time (9-month) non-tenure-track faculty position.  I decided to make note of it here because 1) I want to build up a better feel for the writing/rhetoric job market and 2) this is a new-to-me job category.  I’m used to Directors, student consultants, and us “Instructional Techs” (aka Lead Consultants).  This position is something like a mini-Director, requiring a Master’s degree and fulfilling all or most of our director’s job duties.

Writing Consultant  Faculty, Non-Tenure Track

JOB SUMMARY:  Coordinate and provide writing skills consulting and workshops for students enrolled at a University Center. This position differs from other faculty assignments by the nature of its supervisory and individual work with students and faculty.   

SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIPS:  This position reports to the Director of the University Writing Center.


 •  Provide consulting to CWU student writers of all disciplines and at all levels, emphasizing  the development of the writer more than the particular piece of writing.
 •  Discuss rhetorical issues, the student’s writing in general, and particular stages in the  process – including brainstorming, developing research skills, organizing an essay, and  revising for word choice and sentence conventions.  The student writer may discuss anything having to do with writing, for example, a class assignment, a job application letter, a master’s thesis, or curiosities about writing and rhetoric.
 •  Assess and evaluate students’ writing skills in preparation for appropriate instructional  support.
 •  Ensure the writing center is open for drops-ins, referrals, or on an appointment basis during  the posted hours. Writing students may be identified through their individual professors.  Consulting may be provided on-line with the permission of the University Writing Center Director.

Faculty Support
 •  Provide support to faculty, advising them on best practices for incorporating writing into the curriculum.
 •  Consult and communicate with individual instructors about student progress.

 •  Organize workshops, small-group consulting, or other services for students and faculty.
 •  Provide the Director of the University Writing Center a detailed report, in a timely manner, of  activities from the previous quarter.
 •  Post the hours of consulting on bulletin boards, the web page for CWU-Des Moines, and  the web site for the University Writing Center:  http://www.cwu.edu/~writingcenter/
 •  Notify faculty, staff, and students about the services of the University Writing Center.

I like that: that the consultant will field “curiosities about writing and rhetoric.”


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