concrete consciousness?

Okay, I hate to wax metaphysical (okay, actually, I like to), but if we human beings respond better, so much more deeply, to writing that includes concrete images (i.e., using our five senses)… okay, if that’s true (which it is), then what will/would happen if we were disembodied? Many people imagine the soul as immaterial, an immaterial consciousness.

If that’s so, wouldn’t our consciousness have become radically different when it’s disembodied? How could concrete language/ideas/thoughts have a similar impact on us if we were no longer concrete ourselves? I guess we could say that we would have memories of our fleshly existence and that those memories would make our concrete thoughts powerful for us. But that seems forced — the idea of our consciousness depending on ever-weakening memories for what’s vivid and what’s not.

So… We like concrete vivid language because we are concrete vivid creatures ourselves? Okay, but we’re more than concrete creatures. We’re abstract, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. So I ask again, Why doesn’t abstract language affect us with the same umpf as concrete language. Does that mean we’re much more physical than intellectual beings??

Or do I just need more data? Maybe I’m generalizing too much to say that we are that much more affected by concrete language than by abstract language. And I’m not at all sure why I find this question so fascinating — especially since I’m not using any concrete language at all. ;-)


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