tonight! tonight! I’ll have the book tonight!

I probably feel as excited about reading the final Harry Potter book as I’ve ever felt before for anything else. It’s a lot like the feeling I used to get when I was nine or ten, while I laid awake in the dark on Christmas eve. The books are that good. We — Harry Potter fans — were excited when the previous books came out, of course. But we knew that no matter how much we enjoyed the book, no matter how much we learned about the ultimate mysteries of the series (what’s the connection between Harry and Voldemort? Is Snape good or evil? What part does sacrificial love play ultimately?), we wouldn’t know everything. We knew we’d be left with just as many more questions.

That must be why this release feels so over-the-top exciting. I remember feeling excited at the release of the other books (well, since the fourth one — the first three were already out when I started reading the series). But I don’t remember feeling nervous. This time there’s a nervousness because we know we’re going to get the kind of mysteries, the kind of answers, the kind of plot twists that are just as surprising and satisfying as the others but will be just THAT much more satisfying and final. We’re going to get a fullness, for lack of a better word. Even if what happens in Deathly Hallows does not agree with out preconceptions or our wishes, it doesn’t matter. The book will still close and resolve and unravel and reveal and satisfy the mysteries and relationships that have been built up through the first six books and the last eight years (eight from my point of view, at least).

Wow, would that we could get that kind of experience about real life! Would that we could have a day in which we could read a book which would explain the mysteries of the muggle universe! (Not that Deathly Hallows explains the whole magical universe, of course, but…)  Now THAT would be the one thing that would feel even more exciting than the release of Harry Potter 7.

Anyway, it’s rare in life to get such a delightful build up with such a (probably) rich and meaningful resolution. So I can’t wait! This is a big day.


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