Computer Use still most common reason students come to YVCC Writing Center

I’ll be curious, in my newest incarnation as a GTA at OSU’s CWL (wow, is that alphabet soup or what), to see the difference between a Writing Center that’s very much also a computer lab (as ours is here at YVCC) and one that’s not, one that concentrates almost solely on consultations.

Did a quick Tutortrac report just now and came up with the usual breakdown. (N.B. These stats are only loosely accurate, as many students rush through the log-in process, clicking on whatever their eye lands on first. And many students, of course, end up having a consultation even though they didn’t come in for one.)

Visit Reasons (9-15-06 through 7-23-07):
Computer Use 53.8%
Consultation 18.1%
Writing/Studying 28.1%

The “Consultation” breakdown:
Drop-in 57.2%
Appointment 42.7%


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