Teaching Harry Potter and fantasy literature

Three articles I got from the recent NCTE newsletter:

Cruz, Maria Colleen, and Kate B. Pollock. “Stepping into the Wardrobe: A Fantasy Genre Study.” Language Arts 81.3 (January 2004): 184–195. [downloaded a copy]

Wallace, David L., and Tison Pugh. “Teaching English in the World: Playing with Critical Theory in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series.” English Journal 96.3 (January 2007): 97–100. [downloaded a copy]

Wood, Susan Nelson, and Kim Quackenbush. “The Sorcerer’s Stone: A Touchstone for Readers of all Ages.” English Journal 90.3 (January 2001): 97–103. [downloaded a copy]

Reminds me: I want to buy Masterpieces of the Imaginative Mind: Literature’s Most Fantastic Works, a Teaching Company audio course, but I have too many other things I should spend that $50 on.  Anyone got a good rationalization I could borrow?


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