“Plot against the loud happy writing people.”

I’m cleaning out my email files here at the YVCC Writing Center, since this is virtually my last day here. Weird feeling, that. But, anyway, I remember this magnetic poetry sentence which appeared on our white board one day (students were free to play with the words whenever they wanted to):

I’d emailed Dodie (our director) about it (this was September 2005):

I just noticed this magnetic poetry sentence on the board near the log-in computer:

“Plot against the loud happy writing people.”

I like that. Sounds a little negative, but that it also sounds like we’re making a big impression on SOMEbody, and someone can’t deny we’re writing people and we’re loud and happy while doing it.

And I still love her response:

Ha! That teaches us to read the board too. Hmm . . . I wonder what the plotting might entail . . . a paper so good we are awed into silence? A jaw-dropping line? Prose that makes us weep? Bring it on! :-)


I wish I’d captured some of the other cool sentences (and poetry) that materialized on that white board.


2 thoughts on ““Plot against the loud happy writing people.”

  1. Hi Laura,

    I’m sorry you’ll be leaving, though I’m happy that you’re off on a new adventure. It’s been fun reading your blog. Will you loud happy writing person be continuing to blog in your new home? May I continue to read?


  2. Hi, Shannon!

    I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering if you were still checking in on my blog occasionally. Glad to hear you have been!

    Oh, yes, this blog should especially “take off” once I start my MA studies. I want to use it to help me organize my thoughts about everything, but specifically to help me write my thesis.

    Please, please, please DO continue to read. Even more, please comment. You could be just as important a teacher to me as the profs and courses and texts and students at OSU. I done a lot of one-on-one tutoring of writing. But the whole classroom teaching thing is still basically new to me. And, though I won’t be doing that this coming year (as my assistantship is in the Writing Center), I’ll be working closely with the classroom TAs this year (we’re in the same practicum) and I plan to get a classroom assistantship next year. So please do keep reading, oh yes! :-)

    Hope you have a rejuvenating rest of the summer!


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