adverting the polyphony and interpellating the imbrication?

ADVERT (v.) — MW Dict = 1) to turn the mind or attention — used with TO 2) to call attention in the course of speaking or writing: make reference — used with TO (ADVERTED to foreign-language sources). “Even though Ong does not ADVERT explicitly to what Plato refers to as thumos, Ong’s agonism may be understood as the psychodynamism of Plato’s thumos.” 9-22-07

POLYPHONY (n) — this is one of Michael Faris’ blog categories. Lit = multiple tones. Rel to COUNTERPOINT in music.

INTERPELLATE (v) — to question (as a foreign minister) formally concerning an official action or policy or personal conduct. Latin interpellatus, past participle of interpellare to INTERRUPT. James Berlin uses this word a lot in his “Rhetoric and Ideology in the Writing Class.” “Ideology thus interpellates the subject [of what exists? epistemology] in a manner that determines what is real and what is illusory…” (WTS, Writing Teacher’s Sourcebook, p11)

IMBRICATION (n) — an overlapping of edges (as of tiles or scales)… (Date: 1713), MW gives no etymology. James Berlin: “…some rhetorics have denied their [own] imbrication in ideology, doing so in the name of disinterested scientism.” (p9)


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