project proposal for WR 511

I just finished with my project proposal for WR 511 (Teaching of Writing), rhetorical preces [is preces plural for precis?] and bibliography included. Spent that last seven hours on it. My topic is the role of personal/expressive writing in the composition classroom. Anyway,I remember reading in Michael Faris’ blog before I came here to OSU… I remember reading him say things like “Oh, good, I’m going to bed and it’s before midnight!” Well, believe me, now I know what he means. Rarely have I gotten a good full night’s sleep since I’ve been here.  Last night, I slept only about four hours, and tonight I’ll probably get only about five or six. I’m surprised my body hasn’t rebelled more than it already has (got an infection which flared up again even with antibiotics).

I gotta figure out a way to do this stuff faster.


2 thoughts on “project proposal for WR 511

  1. I think that’s what I struggled with a lot (and still do) is how to do this stuff faster and yet still have depth. This is especially true of us folks who want to read everything!

    Congrats on getting the proposal in! That must feel good. And yeah, I’m not sure, but I think you’re right that preces is the plural of precis.

  2. Hi, Michael.

    The subject of doing work faster came up in our CWL meeting with Lisa yesterday. She had described Andrea Lunsford as, “The master of the good enough essay.” I immediately said, “I need to learn that!” Lisa said she’s noticed grad students spending too much time on things like informal writing assignments.

    I’m probably spending too much time on the journal entries for VTB’s class, but I like check-pluses and so I want to keep going the same speed.

    Anyway, I think I will start giving myself time limits and seeing if I can keep to them, though. Maybe I’ll even buy a timer.

    But, yeah: it’s hard to go fast and deep at the same time.

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