Annual Leaf Collection Program!

I was just reading in the Corvallis city newsletter that The Annual Leaf Collection Program will run from November 5th to January 4th. How cool is that! An Annual Leaf Collection Program! Okay, I know — I’m a little too easily entertained. But I love fall. It’s still such a new event for me. In southern California, where I grew up, there were very few deciduous trees. And, in Yakima, Washington, where I live now, there are a lot but not as many as there are here, I don’t think. The other morning, as I was walking to class, a gust of wind created a leaf-storm. It was even more cool, because the slanted sunlight made the leaves glow. I stopped and just watched.

Hmmm, maybe I should be thankful I don’t have to do any of the raking or piling myself — though that would be cool, too.


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