second drafting

I’ve been working all day on the second draft of my review of the literature (for my paper on whether/how much personal experience ought to be assigned in first-year writing courses), except for the nap I took between 3:30 and 5:30, and I don’t think I’m half finished. Papers that are this heavily-sourced are just hard to write. Definitely more drudge than flow in the process, that’s for sure. (Can drudge be a noun?)

Just ordered through Summit from U of O:

Harris, Jeanette. “The Role of Expressive Discourse in the Teaching of Writing: A Review of Current Composition Texts.” Freshman English News 15.1 (1986): 2-8. (Harris reviews textbooks published between 1980 and 1986.)

Also need to copy this article at the library:

Suzanne E. Jacobs and Adela B. Karliner, “Helping Writers to Think” College English 41 (1979-80): 19-37. (According to Mike Rose (in “Remedial Writing Courses” in The Writing Teacher’s Sourcebook), this is one study that concludes that narration and description do not help build up students writing abilities (204-205))


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