more Thoreau sources

“A New College Manuscript of Thoreau’s” Carl Bode American Literature, Vol. 21, No. 3. (Nov., 1949), pp. 311-320 (printed out copy via

“Thoreau as Writer and Teacher of Writing” Mildred P. Hughes The English Journal, Vol. 67, No. 5 (May, 1978), pp. 33-35

“Henry Thoreau, Bachelor of Arts” Clarence Gohdes The Classical Journal, Vol. 23, No. 5 (Feb., 1928), pp. 323-336

“Thoreau’s Philosophical Apprenticeship” Joseph J. Kwiat The New England Quarterly, Vol. 18, No. 1 (Mar., 1945), pp. 51-69

A Historical Guide to Henry David Thoreau William E. Cain

“Thoreau’s Harvard Education in Rhetoric and Composition: 1833-1837” DILLMAN R. H.Abstract: L’influence du cours de rhétorique et de composition de Edward Tyrrell Channing à Harvard sur T.  Thoreau Journal Quarterly Chapel Hill, N.C. 1981, vol. 13, no3-4, pp. 49-62

That essay is in this book: Essays on Henry David Thoreau : rhetoric, style, and audience. Dillman, Richard. ISBN: 0933951507 (expensive used; ordered through summitt (U of O))


2 thoughts on “more Thoreau sources

  1. I am rather interested in your research on Thoreau and writing instruction.
    There might be some items in my thesis bibliography, which you can acquire from the University of Oregon library, since I received my Ph.D. there. The title is “Thoreau’s Psychological Rhetoric.” What are you trying to discover?

    Rich Dillman

  2. Hi, Rich. Thanks for your comment!

    I’m considering doing my thesis on Thoreau and how he was taught to write while at Harvard. My questions right now are How was Thoreau taught to write? How did that affect (or not really affect) his writing? And what can that investigation tell us about teaching writing today?

    So I’m first trying to see whether we have enough of Thoreau’s college essays to make this investigation work. Years ago I read a lot of Thoreau biographies (which are at home, not here at school with me), and, if memory serves, we do have a few of his college essays, don’t we? (I’ll spend more time looking into it over Christmas break.)

    Meanwhile, your article “Thoreau’s Harvard Education in Rhetoric and Composition: 1833-1837″ is the most promising source I’ve found so far.


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