34F and snow

Yakima weather this evening: 34F and snow. Okay, now I’m really homesick! First snow of the season. Deb says it’s slushy, but I don’t care. I love snow. Hmmm… should I finish this book review or rush home to Yakima so I can slosh in the snow? Hmmm

Here in Corvallis, it’s 43F and cloudy, having drizzled all day.


3 thoughts on “34F and snow

  1. Thanks, Chanel. Today I almost decided to go home, but then I looked at my schedule again (at what’s due next week) and I realized I’ve just got too much to get done before next week. Going home would take up almost two days’ travel time, and what I have to do will need those two days. I checked the cost of flying and that’s $400 just for airfare.

    Anyway, it’s alright! I’ll be home for a month when it’s all done!

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