a nice surprise!

Nice surprise today! I was browsing in the bookstore when a guy said, “Excuse me. Don’t I know you?” As soon as I saw his face, I remembered him from the YVCC Writing Center. “Yes! YVCC!” I said. “The Writing Center!” he replied. I couldn’t remember his name, but after we’d talked for a minute, and we’d reintroduced ourselves to each other, I asked him if he was the one who wrote a paper about the flooded falls on the Columbia (I couldn’t remember the name). He said he was. I don’t remember too many papers, especially ones that go back to ’03 or ’04, but I remember this one. I remember learning a lot about Celilo Falls, and I remember thinking that this student was going to make a difference for the Yakama people (he’s a member of the Yakama Nation). And sure enough, he’s almost finished with his forestry degree.

I asked him if he were going home to Yakima for thanksgiving, and he said, “Oh no! Six hours?!” as if to say, No, takes too long! I stomped my foot down and said, “Thank you!” I was happy to find another person who agreed that it can take that long (or longer) to make that drive. Dodie has told me she used to do it — when she went to school here — in 4 1/2 hours. But I just can’t do it that fast. I’m ooooold. I gotta stop and stretch!

Anyway, it felt really good to chat with a YVCC alumnus. Good luck to you, Jonathan!


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