something I’m thankful for

Fall 2004 Tim’s Pond

(I took this in October of 2004 at Tim’s Pond on Highway 12 on the way to White Pass, about a half-hour out of Yakima, Washington.)

Today I’m alone and away from home, working on a book review. I’m saved from spending the whole day alone and turkey-less, though, because one of my professors invited me and Travis to share Thanksgiving dinner with her and her family tonight.

So I’m thankful for new friends and colleagues, for old friends and colleagues, for the beauty of the earth, and for my family back in Yakima.

And I’ll be especially thankful when I finish this review!


2 thoughts on “something I’m thankful for

  1. We are (or at least I am, but I know others are) quite thankful for you as well. It’s always quite cheering to see you in the WC. :) And now with Harry Potter poster, the cheer is never-ending! Found your blog through Michael’s link to you. Love the definitions of rhetoric. :)

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