Daughters in business

I was watching TV this weekend (though only when I was allowing myself a food break) and saw a commercial for Henderson and Daughter Windows and Doors, located in Vancouver, WA. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company named with “daughter(s)” instead of “son(s).” Probably when daughters take over businesses they either keep the original name or come up with a new name. But it’s great to see a company doing it this way — though it’s sad that it took until 2007 for me to see it for the first time (at least that I’m aware).

I did some google-searching and I did find some others (below). But they were not easy to find, and I had to exclude a lot of phrases like “mothers and daughters,” “wives and daughters,” “sons and daughters,” etc.

Thomas Horton and Daughters, accountants in New Jersey.

J. DeFranco and Daughters, Catering, in Pennsylvania.

Brooks and Daughters, Sprouts, in California

Russ and Daughters, in New York City

Davis and Daughters, in the UK

Mcintrye and Daughters, in the UK

Tom Tully and Daughters, Tyres and Exhausts, in the UK

Douglas and Daughters Team, Realtors, in Michigan

J. Grodzinski and Daughters, London Family Bakers, in the UK (obviously!)

If you do a google search for “and daughters,” the first three hits have to do daughters in relation to dads and sons:  “Dads and Daughters,” “sons and daughters,” and “Take our daughters and sons to work.” If you do a google search for “and sons,” the first three hits have to do with businesses: “John Wiley and Sons, Inc,” “The Official Website of Steinway & Sons,” and “Harney and Sons Fine Tea.”

One thing I didn’t do was determine how many of the first names in the list above (e.g., “Douglas” or “Brooks”) were men. Not all were, but probably most.


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