Woo hoo! I’m finally completely finished with Fall quarter ’07. 1:01am

I finished my WR 511 The Teaching of Writing paper last night (and went out and celebrated with Travis and Vicki). And tonight I just finished the last couple papers I had due: a reflection paper and case study for the teaching practicum (Hi, Sara!).

Tomorrow and Friday, a couple days of crunching writing center stats with Dennis, and Saturday a drive home to Yakima.

Now to sleeeeep… Now that’s worth celebrating!

Addendum 12-07-07 — Actually, I didn’t finish until about 9:20am the next morning (when I made some last-minute changes to the reflection paper). Not that it matters, but if I’m going to time-stamp the event, I might as well get it right, right?


2 thoughts on “1:01am

  1. And I appreciated the additions to the reflection paper, too. The hard copy is on its way back to your Waldo office via Robin. Now that I won’t see you weekly in the practicum, I hope we can find other times to visit and keep up.

    A cashier at the food co-op in Corvallis told me he is going to be a writing assistant, so I introduced myself.

    And I want to talk to you about the assignments in WR 222 in light of some of the WA comments.

  2. It’s funny — just this morning I was thinking about the reflection paper and reminding myself to get the hard copies back from you (especially the one the other TAs commented on — that was fun). So thanks for sending it back already.

    Well, good! That new WA will be one of my training victims next quarter. ;-)

    Yes, definitely — let’s talk about WR 222. I’d love to.

    Thanks, Sara.

    p.s. I hope it’s not too too quiet around there during break!

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