Dante’s Divine Comedy

I’m taking a class in Dante’s Divine Comedy next quarter. So, ooooh, I wish this Teaching Company lecture set was on sale (when they’re not on sale they’re way too expensive).

Dante’s Divine Comedy
(24 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture)
Course No. 287 Taught by William R. Cook, Ronald B. Herzman

Note to self: check back in a few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Dante’s Divine Comedy

  1. I loved the Dante course – great imagery, great poetry, great language, even religion – what’s not to like! Plus you will be working with Chris again. I have some of those Teaching Company sets, but don’t think Dante is one of them. I tried listening in the car but couldn’t concentrate enough to follow through. Perhaps when I retire – that’s my new mantra even though it is years away.

  2. Hey, Sara. So you took the Dante course, too? Cool. Yeah, I agree — I really look forward to reading Dante. Such deliciously rich imagery.

    Maybe try listening when you walk or exercise? That’s what I usually do. You strike me as someone who won’t retire even when you retire, so better do it now. :-)

  3. Laura,

    The Cook and Herzman course on Dante is one of the best they offer. Their Augustine course on his Confessions is also nearly as good. Cook is fine going solo without Herzman on Tocqueville and Machiavelli, but his latest on Great Christians is lower quality.

    You may find my user forums useful where I review all lectures of new Teaching Company courses:


    Feel free to read, reply, or post any thoughts.


    Doug van Orsow
    forum admin

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