scriptura creatio ex nihilo

Whew, I feel as if I didn’t get much done this weekend, even though I finally came up with a workable and original thesis and an outline for my Pardoner paper. And that’s A LOT. It often takes me a long time to get that, and once I do, it feels like down-hill from there. So now I know the paper will make it into existence and not fall back into the abyss of mere potentialities. Really. Sometimes — most times — writing a paper feels like that for a while — as if it’s just not going to happen, that nothing is going to materialize or cohere into the thing called “a paper.” So, I did accomplish a lot this weekend. Just made something out of nothing. Scriptura creatio ex nihilo!

And speaking of creation, my friend and pastor in Yakima sent me this prayer tonight:

At the beginning,
God of Imagination,
you finger-painted
sunrises and sunsets
on the blank canvas of chaos.
You sang creation’s cantata,
while suns, moons, and stars
kept watch over your delights.
You laughed, while
lions, tigers, and bears
danced joyfully in the meadows,
with everything that
wiggles, creeps, crawls
clapped their hands in time.

Almost sounds easy!


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