bumper sticker

I’ve seen this bumper sticker a couple times in my apartment building’s parking lot: “Sometimes ignorance comes disguised as tradition.”

Very true. Or, better — injustice comes disguised as tradition.

But, then again, both ignorance and injustice also come disguised as progress, too.

Ignorance and injustice just like to hide behind other movements, other categories of thought. People just like to use whatever ideology they like however they like — too often for their basest emotions.

But, oooh, I’m not aaaalways this cynical!


4 thoughts on “bumper sticker

  1. yes, you don’t strike me as the tradition type, Travis. :-)

    however alliterative that is!

    Tradition, though, is just like any other human construct: contains some good, some bad. Always a mixture. I guess that’s always my point.

  2. heheh, yeah, see — you’re gettin’ it! ;-)

    Yummmmy tradition.

    Nah, you don’t ruin everything. You keep everything nicely stirred up.

    BTW, How’s the Shipman’s Tale coming?

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