a more collaborative environment

Deb sent me this article from the American Library Association on use of social networking sites in K-12 education: “AASL’s second longitudinal survey reveals schools’ acceptance of social networking tools”

After giving the actual stats, the article says

Schools’ adoption of these social networking tools moves the educational process towards a more collaborative environment where learning is a social process and a community of learners—teachers and students alike—vets information in wikis, discusses processes in blogs and uses online instruction and social bookmarking to make students more accountable for and active in their educational journey.

I had two initial reactions to this point: one, that it’s exciting that we may be moving toward more collaborative learning (and hopefully toward more collaborative deciding and thinking and everything else), but two, that I hope we don’t just absorb these more collaborative structures/tools into our long-prevailing hierarchical structures. How much can our tools change our thinking and being? or how much instead do our habits warp the tools? Hopefully, it just takes time to change, but that change will happen. Meanwhile, I’m probably just in one of my middle-age cynical moods. ;-)


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