eyes to see and hears to hear

[Yakima, WA] Was just flipping through channels. Watched Pat Boone on a TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) interview comment that the TV show “Will and Grace” has made the homosexual “lifestyle” seem fine, “as if there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Then I watched Cardinal Pell, in his homily on the Parable of the Sower at Opening Mass for World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, talking about Christians’ need to be open to allowing God to change them, to be spiritually fruitful.

I wish the Cardinal (and Pat Boone and other religious leaders) would respond to their own charge.

Even in the times of the prophets, many of their hearers remained spiritually deaf and blind. While many number over the ages have admired the beauty of Jesus’ teaching but never been moved to answer his call. Our task is to be open to the power of the spirit, to allow the God of surprises to act through us. Human motivation is complex and mysterious, because sometimes very strong Catholics and other strong Christians can be prayerful and regularly good but also determined not to take not even one further step. But, on the other hand, some followers of Christ can be much less zealous and faithful but open to development or change for the better because they realize their unworthiness and their ignorance. Where do you stand? Are you ready to move? Whatever our situation, we should pray for an openness of heart, for a willingness to take the next step, even if we are fearful of venturing too much further. If we take God’s hand, he will do the rest. Trust, trust in the key. God will not fail us.

Trust in God, yes, is very much the key — trust that God helps all of us deal with the discomfort of change, with the initial anxiety of losing privilege… in order to create a most just world. Shalom, communal peace and wholeness, comes not by maintaining any status quo. It comes by risking spiritual growth. By trusting God.

Anyway, as the Cardinal spoke, the camera often panned over to the rows and rows of only-men in red robes in white mitres. Not a human being without a Y chromosome on the platform — except on the side stage as part of the music.

The Cardinal can say these words, and mean them. But he can’t see that there’s any reason that the Church itself ought to be open to the idea that women as well as men can represent/manifest Christ, that women are not “lesser males” but human beings capable of imaging Christ. After all, hmmmm, I’m not sure, but I think when God became human, the crucial thing was that God became human (not a male)! The incarnation wouldn’t mean much if it meant only humans with XY chromosomes could become divine.

Anyway, I don’t suppose I’ll ever get a thick enough skin so that both of these kinds of blindness from Christians won’t hurt me. Of course we all have blind spots, but sheesh, these particular blind spots seem particularly egregious and therefore particularly easy to SEE THROUGH. If these Christian leaders would just have eyes to see and ears to hear…


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