resource for helping students with dyslexia in Portland

A great resource for helping students with dyslexia: The Blosser Center in Portland.

Just saw someone from there (sorry, didn’t catch her name) on a TV interview. She said that 60% of people in prisons (I assume, in the U.S.) have some kind of reading difficulty. Wow.

She mentioned that dyslexic children will often write a capital B in the middle or end of a word, e.g., “ClimB,” because, while they can’t remember which is the lower-case “d” and “b,” they can remember what the capital B looks like. That’s something I haven’t noticed — yet — among college students, but I may have just missed some. She also said that students who often write the wrong word (homophones, homonymns) — “plane” instead of “plain,” for example — could be dyslexic. Hadn’t thought of that. I think I had just figured that was something that all of us slip into if we’re not paying attention. So, hmmm… something to watch for.

And sounds like there’s a serious shortage of tutors in Oregon who are trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach.


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