Prossy Kakooza must stay in the UK (please help)

I’ve just been reading about Prossy Kakooza, a Ugandan woman seeking asylum in the UK from the psychological, physical, and sexual violence she suffered in Uganda — because the person she loves happens to be a woman.

Here’s her video:

She mentions that people in Uganda call being gay or lesbian “the western disease.” Of course they do. Anything that disagrees with your paradigm you’ll call a disease. Calling non-sanctioned behavior “disease” is another way to scapegoat it, the same way dominant Ugandan society is trying to scapegoat Prossy herself. And in this case, she would very literally be a scapegoat. I mean, my God, her father was going to have her killed! And I believe that report. It’s not hyperbole, not exagerration. He would do it. Some groups / societies would rather kill than lose hold of the worldview, the hegemony they believe holds their universe together.

The MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) in Manchester, England is helping spread the word and has put up this page providing information and links to petitions.

Please do helping work against this injustice. The online petition is quick and easy. The hard-copy petition takes a little bit more work (as you have to send it snail mail to the UK), and I don’t know how much weight non-British petitioners will have, but it has got to help some.

Here’s the actual petition:

Prossy Kakooza is a 26-year-old woman seeking asylum in the UK. She fled Uganda after suffering vicious sexual, physical and verbal attacks due to her sexual orientation.

Prossy had been forced into an engagement when her family discovered her relationship with the girlfriend she met at university, Leah. Both women were marched two miles naked to the police station, where they were locked up.

Prossy’s inmates subjected her to gross acts of humiliation. She was violently raped by police officers who taunted her with derogatory comments like ‘’we’ll show you what you’re missing’’ and ‘’you’re only this way because you haven’t met a real man’’. She was also scalded on her thighs with hot meat skewers.

Prossy was eventually taken out of prison after her father bribed the guards. Her family had decided they would sacrifice her instead, believing this would ‘’take the curse away from the family’’.

Whilst her family were making arrangements to slaughter her, Prossy managed to flee to the United Kingdom to seek asylum.

When Prossy went for treatment to her local GP’s surgery in the UK they were so shocked by the extent of her injuries they called the police.
She was taken to the St. Mary’s Centre in Manchester, and she is still receiving counselling there for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Prossy’s asylum application has been refused by the Home Office, who acknowledge she was brutally raped and burnt because of the medical evidence, but have dismissed these appalling attacks as ‘’the random actions of individuals’’, and state she can be returned to a different town in Uganda.

This judgement ignores the clear danger to gay people throughout the country where the penalty for homosexuality is life imprisonment.

Also, in Uganda, you cannot settle in a new town without a reference from your previous village, and on the basis she is a lesbian, Prossy would be subjected to similar persecution wherever she went.

We consider that if Prossy is sent back, she faces the continuing threat of incarceration, and further sickening attacks – which next time may be fatal.

Prossy is a highly educated woman who can be a productive member of society.

She has a right to be free with her sexuality, which is causing no harm to anyone, and she has a right not to be raped, attacked, or murdered.


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