Acres of Books in Long Beach closes :(

My mom sent me this link from the LA Times. One of my favorite used bookstores is closing, after being there forever. I used to drive the 30 or 45 minutes to get there from Orange County, four or five times a year. And their prices were good. They wanted to move the books, and did. Anyway, it’s depressing because this was one big used bookstore, and it was in a seriously-populated metropolitan area. So I really would’ve thought it would survive. Please God don’t let Powell’s in Portland succumb! (Of course, Powell’s will probably be fine, since it’s got such a strong online presence — what Acres of Books didn’t).

I probably shouldn’t admit how sad this is. It’s just a store. But I have memories there that go way back. The discoveries I made…

Addendum 08-08-08: Deb sends along this “small ray of sunshine” (at least, for Angelenos): A look into the expansion of Skylight Books (LA Times).


3 thoughts on “Acres of Books in Long Beach closes :(

  1. That is sad, no need to hide it. It’s really strange that such a bookstore in the middle of such a populated place would close down. Sorry to hear it. :(

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