great cover photo

What a great cover photo!

I may have to buy the book.


4 thoughts on “great cover photo

  1. So it’s “tough row to hoe”
    Like Skid Road, not skid row
    Like “tow/toe the line” (tow if you think of the Erie Canal and the Mule named Sal or the Volga boatmen)
    What you will see in student papers is “defiantly” as in “cats defiantly rule and dogs drool” – spell checker is not your friend!

  2. yeah! it might be fun to make a list of these kinds of mistakes… and it might be helpful to give the list to students so they can use it to proofread their papers (well, the ones among them who will do that).

    Reminds me of a student — when I TA’d a class in historical theology at Fuller Seminary — who kept writing “humanities” when he meant “humanity’s” — as in “humanities greatest need is…” No matter how much I corrected it on the page for him and mentioned it in my sum-up comments, he kept doing it, paper after paper.

    Of course then there were the students who would keep using exclusive (male-only) language, even after I informed them of Fuller’s policy of inclusive language and gave them strategies for getting around the generic “he,” they kept doing it. I think probably they were consciously resisting changing, while the “humanities” guy just had a big mental block against the correct way to spell the word.

    But yeah, some of these mistakes have gotten worse (as in more common) exactly because the spell-checker has kind of “standardized” them — like “defiantly” for “definitely”.

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