writing center promotional videos

Here are some good writing center promotional videos from other schools. We should do one at OSU. It could be called something like “Get to Know the Writing Centaurs.”

Welcome to the Connors Writing Center
Notice that they have writing quotes calligraphied on the wall. This is a good overall introduction to what writing centers do.

WVU Writing Center Promotional Video
A good fun one. Love the bagpiper!! “The WVU Writing Center prides itself in assisting all colleges and disciplines. If you are an English 101 or 102 student, a med school student, a chemistry major … or you play the bagpipes.”

And these two are really helpful for showing what really does (and should) go on (and shouldn’t) in a writing consultation. (At YVCC, I used to love to play the “bad” consultant, suggesting grades, making random changes based on my own preferences, slandering instructors, not even listening to the writer — in general, being the “expert.” It was hilarious, if I do say so myself.)

Writing Tutoring — The Wrong Way

Writing Tutoring — The Right Way


3 thoughts on “writing center promotional videos

  1. Hi, Mike. Well, thanks for it, anyway, cheesy or not :-) It’s one of the better ones out there — from my survey of youtube, at least — for explaining what writing centers do. And heheh, being named after Robert Connors is pretty cool, too. :)

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