Snoopy on the syllabus??

I’m working on my syllabus (re-working the one Sara gives us). One thing I’m doing is making the statements a bit more forceful (I think) by making them less abstract, so that they “stick” to the student better maybe? are taken more seriously? So, instead of saying, “Missing more than three classes… lowers the final grade…” I say, “If you miss more than three classes, your grade will be lowered…” I don’t know if little things like that will make any difference. But it just seems that the more abstract something is, the easier it can be ignored, the easier it is to not apply it to one’s self.

Anyway! I found a copy of this Snoopy cartoon in my YVCC writing center stuff. Think it would be too cutesy to put something like this at the end of a syllabus? or ?

Snoopy: “Good writing is hard work.”


3 thoughts on “Snoopy on the syllabus??

  1. I agree with you: be direct with your language. Abstraction obfuscates. Get it out in the open.

    I always enjoy getting syllabi that are more personal, with comics or real quotes or nice design, rather than standard, boring ones that it was obvious the teacher put little thought into how it would look on paper.

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