Beavers beat Number 1 Trojans

Okay, even watching on my little TV screen, that was fun — Oregon State beating Number 1 ranked USC, 27-21. Wish I’d been there. Well, at least, people took photos.

I like the ending of this Sports Illustrated article: USC no longer Pac-10 bully.

As he walked out, Taylor Mays reminded his teammates of one thing before he headed toward the bus. “We’re still USC,” he said. “And that still means something.”

Maybe so, but it’s beginning to mean less and less in Corvallis.

Evin Rattner took this one, as the Beavers were about to win the game. Yeah, right. Heheh, that is one overly optimistic sign.

Marjorie took this one. Check out army of blue people (security guards), locked arm in arm, protecting… not the orange crowd from getting too unruly, no… but the goal posts. I know fans try to bring down goal posts, but still… It makes for an almost surreal image. It would look to an unfamiliar observer as if we value goal posts above all things. Not football, not winning, but our goal posts. Protect the goal posts! Protect the goal posts!

Anyway… I still wish I’d been there. ‘Tis so sweet to beat the Number 1 team. Upsets are fun.


3 thoughts on “Beavers beat Number 1 Trojans

  1. OSU had a situation a few years ago where a girl almost died after the goal posts got taken down by students and she got her head cracked open. Most schools either protect the goal posts with people or have ones that automatically go down. :) Though yes, to a casual observer, I suspect the blue ring of protection is probably rather amusing. :)

    Upsets are super fun. :D

  2. Yeah, I was talking to a guy here in my building this morning who was there, and he was telling me the same thing — that falling goal posts can be pretty darn dangerous … ’cause they’re much higher than one would think, and if they fell, they’d land like somewhere in mid-field. AND fixing and/or replacing the goal posts can be amazingly expensive, too.

    Oh, and this guy said, too, that when everyone was rushing onto the field, he decided not to go. He’s a young guy, a big strong-looking guy, actually. But he said something like, “Hey, I’m a psychology major, and well… crowds rushing onto a field? Well, I know too much of what can go wrong when that happens, so no thank you!”

    But, anyway, I bet it was still very fun. Glad you were there. I was wondering if you were.

    Yes, yes — upsets are the funnest.

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