summaries, responses, working theses… fifty of ’em

Okay, yes. I have spent too much time responding to my students’ summaries, responses, and working theses ideas. And I definitely won’t assign this kind of homework next quarter (too much work for me). But I really like this part, the part where I interact with them, trying to cultivate their ideas, trying to help them make their theses workable.

I’m getting that brain-fog feeling right now, and I’m not half way through this stack of 50 summary/responses and working thesis statements. But I like this part so much. Don’t like the stress, don’t like putting off other work. But I like this part.

I’ll have to figure out how to balance doing it but not taking too much time to do it.

When WR121 students go deeper, find the complexity, the nuance of something. Or when they find some particular insight they have, oooh, I just want to help them run with it. It’s fun, it makes it so much easier for them to write a good paper, and so much more fun for me to read it. AND of course, it’s the purpose of the whole enterprise: getting them to think deeper (and write clearer). That’s fun. Exhausting. But fun.


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