good news for Prossy Kakooza

Yay! Just got news that Prossy Kakooza has been granted asylum in the UK (see my previous post about her here). Here’s the message from the pastor of MCC Manchester:

Dear Friend,

You signed an online petition asking the UK Government to grant asylum to Ms Prossy Kakooza, a Ugandan Lesbian who had fled to the UK after enduring horrific treatement from the authorities and her family.

Prossy’s court case was heard on 5th September and we have been waiting for the result.  On Friday she was told three things: the judge ruled in her favour, the UK Home Office were not going to appeal against the judge’s decision and that Prossy had, therefore, been granted asylum in the UK!  She is allowed to live her on the same basis as any UK citizen for the next five years.  After that she can apply for indefinite leave to remain and take out British citizenship if she so wishes.  Full information is on our website.

Thank you the part you have played in this campaign – you have helped to change Prossy’s life forever.

With much love

Andy Braunston
Metropolitan Community Church of Manchester

And thanks to everyone else who did something to help (prayers, petition-signing, etc).


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