missing Sylvester

And oh, I can’t help but mention that I got some worrisome news from home today. Deb and I have cats for children (five of them), and well, one of them is missing. Sylvester has never not come in at night. But he hasn’t been seen since yesterday morning. No sign of him anywhere in the neighborhood. The last time this happened, back in like ’02 or ’03, when a little female we had went missing one night, we found her dead (hit by a car). This time, since there’s no sign of him, we’re hoping he’s just injured (but not too much) from a fight or something and is hunkered down somewhere, or that he just got an unusual bout of wanderlust, and that he’ll be back soon.

He usually loves coming in at night — or he loves BEING in at night, being fed, warm, and comfortable — that is, once he decides to come in. He always comes in when we call him, though sometimes he delays like an adolescent boy wanting more time with his friends.

So… any of you animal lovers out there, please send out prayers and good thoughts or anything :) to Sylvester that he is well and comes home soon. We love him very much.


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