Sylvester is safe!

Sylvester is safe!! Thanks to everyone who worried with me and sent good wishes for Sylvester’s return.

I made the almost-six-hour drive home Friday night to help look for him. Fortunately, though, about an hour before I got there, Deb called and said she’d got him. Whew, what a relief. What a relief. I had begun to psyche myself up for the worst. Or “down” for the worst, in this case. The rest of my drive home was much more pleasant, to say the least.

Deb and our friend Diane had been searching the alley behind the house — for the umpteenth time in two days — when suddenly they saw a pair of eyes reflecting the light of their flashlights. It was Sylvester. He walked slowly and stiffly, but at least he wasn’t limping. He walked through our back gate and into our backyard. Diane, very providentially!, had brought along a can of tuna and began to feed him.  Anyway, when they picked him up, he growled and yowled, so he was obviously hurting.

Long story short, he came in the house, gulped down a bunch of water and food, growled at Mabel (his stay-inside sister), and went to his favorite bed, in the basement. Every step down the stairs, he yelped. Later Deb could make out an abcess-like wound on left side.  By Saturday at noon, we’d gotten some antibiotics from a vet and started him on those. He’d obviously been in a bad fight.

He’s fine now — or soon will be. He went to the vet today and they drained his two abcesses. More draining, eight more days of antibiotics, and he’ll be fine. What a relief. Did I already say that? What a relief. :)

Now to try for a nap. I didn’t sleep much last night AT ALL before my long drive back here. The distracting stress of Sylvester gave way to the stress of all that I need to do in the next couple days (for courses I’m teaching and taking), and I just could not get to sleep. Then I started panicking that I wouldn’t get enough sleep to make the drive back here safely or in time to teach my 1:00p class! Yes, stress about stress! Panic about panic! Wonderful condition I have, isn’t it. ;)

So I’m wiped. But Sylvester is safe. So that’s good. Thanks everyone for your well wishes.

p.s. Sorry I couldn’t post until today. My usual source for internet access while in Yakima — someone else’s wifi — wasn’t there anymore. (Hey, I don’t want to buy my own service when I’m not there for months at a time! :)).

Addendum 11-6-08. The other day Deb told me that Sylvester had gotten a get-well card from my mom and dad. It said:

Dear Sylvester,

So sorry to hear of your recent encounter. Hope you are feeling better. Maybe you should consider staying home.

Love, Nana and Grandpa

Too cute.  Thanks, Mom!


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