WR 121 vicissitudes

I had one of those mixed days, teaching. I felt off at the beginning and middle of my first class. I don’t know what it was — just a “not on my game” kind of feeling. But then by the end I felt our discussion (about making thesis statements arguable, significant (the so-what factor), and specific enough for a 5-7 page paper) was working great. At least that’s my perception. It’s really hard to know what’s clicking or not clicking in someone else’s head, of course. People called out their working thesis statement, I wrote it on the board, and we discussed whether and how it met those requirements and how it might be improved (usually by making it more specific).

Then, in my second class, I was missing seven people! Too much Halloweening? But maybe the ones who came were the remnant in the biblical sense (and I just like that word “remnant”) and so were more into it? — because they seemed more into it. Everything just went better in that class. Ah, the vicissitudes of teaching writing!

Individual conferences start on Wednesday for Paper #2 (the argumentative research paper). I ended up with 18 conferences scheduled on Friday, and so I’ve asked for volunteers who will be willing to move to another day (and have got one so far). During the first set of conferences, I had a day in which I did 16, and I almost lost my voice. My throat was definitely starting to hurt.


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