notes from my meeting with Lisa

Notes from my meeting with Lisa today (11-6-08)

Argument? There’s not that much standing back and looking at the intersection of religion and writing instruction (or spirituality and literacy) yet. To the extent that it has been explored, it has mostly centered on pedagogical experience (experiments?) and larger analyses haven’t happened yet.

Title: “New Directions in…”

When we look at the intersection of religion and literacy, lots of issues pop up: issues of church/state, awkwardness (of teachers and students)… an aid in the teaching of critical thinking… an aid to diversity, a greater attention to student identity and subjectivity…

Another outline:
major issues re religion and literacy
my take, analyses, what’s important
conclusions, suggestions
what’s at stake in this whole issue

VTB’s Wesley book for its introduction and conclusion (good reads)

Elbow’s essays for models of tolerance for binaries.

“important questions,” “Intellectual moves I like (and don’t like),” “Institutional contraints (e.g., the set curriculum of first-year writing at OSU)”


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