extrasolar planets photographed!

I saw the news yesterday that astronomers (three different sets of them, it seems) announced having photographed extrasolar planets. Wow, cool. I remember in 1995 when astronomers first found evidence of extrasolar planets (based on star wobble). That was a big deal. Now we’re probably finally seeing an actual image of extrasolar planets!

Here’s the Washington Post’s story: In a First, Astronomers Report Viewing Planets of Other Suns.

I wonder if a lot of people today don’t realize how long scientists actually debated whether extrasolar planets even existed, many of them saying that they don’t exist, that our system must be unique. That seems amazing now, but it was a big question (with a lot of doubters) for a long time.

So, anyway, this is exciting.

Here’s the story from the CBC, November 13, 2008.


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